Amberley Romo

MakerSquare Week 8: Back to Back-End

Last week, we began work on our final project of the program — a three week long thesis project. Our team convened and quickly began working together to brainstorm a strong core idea. Ultimately, the idea that we selected was based on a concept that has been wandering around my brain for quite a while. I’m delighted both to be at the point now where executing something like this is a possibility, and that the group of people I’m teamed up with found the idea interesting. The idea itself… I’ll leave as a surprise 🙂

We’re working with a React/Postgres/Node.js/Express (PERN? NERP?) stack. For this project, I’m choosing to place more focus on the back-end. I undoubtedly feel more comfortable with front-end work, so placing my attention on back-end work will be an exercise in digging in to an area outside my comfort zone — the best way to learn, after all.

We (the two of us working on back-end) chose to attack the beginning of the project with a pair programming approach — to carefully build up each piece, supporting each other’s complete overall understanding. More to come as the project progresses.

Currently, personal project goals include:

Late great reads include:

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