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Amberley Romo

Gatsby Days LA A11y Unconference Notes

We’re in LA this week for Gatsby Gathering, and had a great time kicking off the week on Monday at our one-day conference, Gatsby Days! Kudos to Caitlin Cashin and everyone else who did such an amazing job organizing the event.

As part of Gatsby Days we do “unconference” sessions, breaking into discussion groups with attendees and Inkteam members. Madalyn Parker moderated the accessibility sessions, and I took notes. I’m tidying the notes a bit and sharing them here in case anyone finds them useful!

How to get people to care about accessibility in your company

Resources mentioned

Language linters

Content creation

Automated accessibility testing resources

Testing consultancies

Don’t only do automated / online testing. Test with real people with disabilites, and pay them for it.

Marcy Sutton worked with Fable Tech Labs last year to do some testing around issues with client-side routing and screen readers. She wrote a blog post about that processes, that includes discussion around the testing process.

JavaScript linters

US Web design system on Gatsby? (Called formation?) https://designsystem.digital.gov/components/ https://design.va.gov/

What have been the barriers to your learning about accessibility?

Other discussion topics