Amberley Romo

Year in Review: 2021

Going back and looking at last year’s “year in review” I can only lol. Or rather, lolsob. 2021 was probably my most spectacularly unproductive year to date.

2021 recap

Idk. Between my complete lack of a sense of time, and the fact that I didn’t write a lot down this year, it’s genuinely hard to remember, and write this post.

2021 goals in review

In last year’s post, I set identity-based goals, and some specific goals. Looking back, some of the identity-based goals stuck, and none of the specific goals came to fruition.

Process goals

Specific goals

  1. ❌ Launch my first small digital product offering. (Inspired by @swyx via @dvassallo).

    • Lol, nope.
  2. ❌ Get professional photos / headshots done. I’ve avoided the camera like the plague (lol what an outdated phrase now) my entire life. I keep waiting for the right time to do this — I need to just do it.

    • Lol, nope.
  3. ❌ Send holiday cards. Several friends sent them this year, and I genuinely enjoyed receiving them.

    • Lol, nope. But this one actually makes me sad. I wish I’d done it.

2022 goals

I’m going to set twelve goals that are designed to be extremely achievable, and check in on them monthly.

  1. Complete “Dry January” and “No Dining Out January”. (We do this pretty much every year.)

  2. ”Journal” every day with the “Exist” app. (Kyle has been using this for a while and likes it. I say “journal” in quotation marks, because the daily review is a 1-10 rating, optionally adding tags, and a note section. Extremely low effort, friendlier to tick with.)

  3. Eat vegetarian except for holidays and special occasions. (I was a vegetarian for 8 years during my time in DC. We’ve been eating “weekday vegetarian” for a while now, and for many reasons, Kyle and I are going full-time. This is not a hard jump for us.)

  4. Read 12 books. (This is very achievable based on my general trends, although I’ve done a poor job tracking it.)

  5. Go on one trip, for fun, to somewhere new. (Not for a particular reason, just time away. I haven’t done a good job getting out of my everyday during the pandemic. In 2021 we talked about spending the weekend away in the hill country and just haven’t done it.)

  6. Avoid ordering from Amazon, except for digital (i.e. Kindle) and Prime streaming. (Most of what I order from Amazon I could get elsewhere, but I’ve done it for convenience. Avoid it unless there’s a compelling reason.)

  7. Continue eating dinner at the table together at night. (We’ve been doing this for a few months already, and it’s something we’d like to continue.)

  8. Create a minimalist wardrobe. (90% of what’s in my closet and drawers, I haven’t worn in years. By the end of this year, I want to work through my belongings and build a more intentional wardrobe, full of only things I actually wear.)

  9. Continue strength training at least 2x/week, ideally 3. (Another thing I’m pretty good at already that I want to continue.)

  10. Sew four pieces of clothing. (I inherited my mom’s sewing machine last year, and got it all fixed up, got super fixated on sewing YouTube, and then… haven’t done anything. I got paralyzed by actually undertaking a project. The goal of four gives me three months per project, which I feel is achievable.)

  11. Sew one baby quilt. (The reason I wanted to learn to sew in the first place was because I received a handmade quilt as a baby, and I always wanted to do the same when friends and family started having kids. The babies started coming fast during the pandemic, so I’m behind here.)

  12. Get new headshots. (I genuinely need to do this this year. This is probably the hardest thing on the list for me.)

Bonus: Send holiday cards. We shall see…