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Amberley Romo

Life Log: January 2024

I miss the newsletter, but can’t commit to it. When I stumbled on my coworker Melanie’s monthly “Learning Log” I thought — maybe that’s a good way to bring it back in a low-pressure way. So — trying out ICYMI, “Life Log” edition.

This month I’ve really taken to heart the saying: “Consistently good is infinitely better than inconsistently perfect.” This mindset, in tandem with applying the 12 Week Year framework, has been really energizing; It feels like progress to actively reject perfectionism with methodical consistency prioritized in thoughtful ways.

If, for some reason, you have read any of my “year in review” posts, you may have gleaned that I struggle with goals with long (or open-ended) time horizons; Losing track of hobbies I want to invest in, personal goals I want to nurture and grow, etc. I am very prone to allowing these things to be sidelined by the stresses and demands of life that inevitably pop up. So while this all may sound very extra, if I can truly find a way to be consistently good, rather than inconsistently perfect — I want to know what I can achieve in that world.

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